The Underground Merch

First and foremost I aim to deliver great music that is mostly unheard or underappreciated by the masses. I consider myself a record curator in that sense. And one of the avenues to continue doing that is to open this online store so I can bring my customers that product. But I also have other products in my store that I hope you like and buy in order for me to continue digging deep for them jewels(records) that I can put in a mixtape format(digital files). From some warm hoodies that fit comfortably, to a funky design shirt, to some dope hats, and much more. All customer purchases ship thru USPS with tracking information provided. Hope you can support me in these unusual times (2020, ya'll) and help me realize my dreams of being independent.

DJ Blendz

Record Curator/Entrepreneur

First and foremost i opened this store to deliver the music that i love. My main avenue has always been DJ'ing. So I figured in these unusual times (2020, ya'll) why not try to start an online store dedicated to that. I wanna bring you music that is unappreciated in this cookie cutter era, so one of the areas I can continue doing that is by selling products like shirts, hoodies, hats, fragrances, etc. I truly hope you can support me in that chase by buying any product you are interested in. And I promise to always bring you not only quality products, but quality music.